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Isabelle Ung

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I am originally from France and moved to San Francisco for 1 month. I am a 2nd year student in business and I’m really interested in the idea of creating a new trendy social media that simplify our everyday lives and keep us close to each other. But also, in Digital Marketing by creating something clear, design and creative by our self.

Now, I live in Orsay a small city in the south of Paris.

My Hobbies

My favorite sport is gymnastics because you must be mentally and physically strong to achieve movements. I used to practice gymnastics for 5 years. I started at the age of 13 years old when I lived in Cambodia for a year, then I carried on in France, but since last year I haven't had time anymore. What I love about this sport is that it's a mix of flexibility, dynamics and dance movements. I also love to watch it on TV during the Olympic game.

Inseec Digital Expedition, February 2018

During these 4 weeks, we had classes of different topics about digital business at the Inseec. This business school holds the EBS and other schools and welcomed us in the Financial district of San Francisco.

The different topics:

Those 4 weeks were amazing and reminds me why I chose to study business. I think that I discovered a part of me and this is what I want to do for the future. Our teachers were interesting and know a lot about the current market. They taught us in a different way than in France which in my opinion, is more innovative, creative, open to different visions, and overall that was interesting. When I arrived the first day at Inseec I didn't want to create a start up but today I changed my mind and I would love to do so. It was an amazing opportunity to be here today and to learn among Silicon Valley's workers. They had a lot of experience and gave us their time to share it with us.

Moreover, living in a country alone without any landmarks has strenghten my ability to be independent, gain self confidence, and be more responsible. It also allowed me to meet different kind of people from my school that I didn't know well and get closer to my friends.

I also had the opportunity to visit Apple and Google at the Silicon Valley and Stanford University.

Here are some pictures of the journey:

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!
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